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Planning Appeals

Our specialist town planning consultants have an exceptional success rate at planning appeals built upon a thorough approach.

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    Planning Appeals

    Although we engage positively with LPAs to secure planning permission wherever possible, it can be necessary to submit a formal appeal to the Secretary of State. Whether it be an appeal by written representation, hearing or inquiry, we will advise you on the most appropriate course of action, and support the case with robust evidence, engaging legal advice where necessary.

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    Planning Appeal Services

    Initial Planning Appeal Advice

    Planning Appeal Assessment

    Statement of Case

    Statement of Common Ground

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    Plus all associated documents necessary in order to submit to Planning Inspectorate validation requirements.

    Accredited by The Royal Town Planning Institute

    Having been accredited by The Royal Town Planning Institute, we are at the forefront of town planning practice. Our planning appeals specialists in Ipswich, Suffolk abide by a strict code of conduct, maintaining professional and ethical standards at all times, which means our clients, colleagues and wider public trust us.

    RTPI Chartered Town Planner Suffolk

    The go-to planning consultant for many…

    • Jack provided an excellent service by obtaining planning permission for our new build house. His attention to detail from the outset enabled us to secure planning permission. The whole process was smooth, and he kept us informed throughout.

    • Jack’s experience and knowledge of the Planning System and Council Policy has proven invaluable. He has helped our Architectural Practice achieve many successful planning permissions for our clients, supported by sound advice, attention to detail and first-rate service. Highly recommended.

    • Wilkinson Planning is very knowledgeable in what they do taking it from planning right through to the build stage. We have worked with them on a couple of recent projects and they are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a continued relationship with Wilkinson Planning. Highly recommended.

    • Excellent! After meeting Jack to discuss our plans, we were filled with confidence. He gave us initial planning advice, submitted the application, and we were awarded planning permission in just over 8 weeks. Faultless service. We will be in touch again soon.

    Why Choose us to Assist with your Planning Appeal?

    Our Planning Consultants offer an extensive range of service covering planning consultancy in a wide variety of sectors. Our expertise in the planning and development profession enables us to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. We cater to the private and public sector, along with private and public individuals. We work successfully in partnership with other industry professionals, maintaining client confidentiality at all times.


    Having been accredited by The Royal Town Planning Institute, we are at the forefront of town planning practice. We abide by a strict code of conduct, maintaining professional and ethical standards at all times, which means our clients, colleagues and wider public trust us.

    10 Years Experience

    We have crafted a trustworthy planning service built upon an extensive understanding of local government. Our planning knowledge and expertise are at the forefront of modern-day planning practice, and we take pride in our personable approach to delivering your development aspirations.

    Proven Track Record

    We hold an exceptional strike rate at planning application and appeal stage through our reasoned approach and justified cases. We respond to new case law and planning appeal precedent which ensures we are ‘on the pulse’ of the ever-changing planning landscape.

    Bespoke Planning Permission Refusal Appeal Services

    Wilkinson Planning provides bespoke planning advice on all developments, regardless of how big or small the project is. This could be a house extension, or a single dwellinghouse, right up to a 100+ unit housing development. We are supported by a trusted network of specialist professionals, including; Surveyors, Architects, Landscape Architects, Heritage Consultants, Ecologists, Highways Engineers, Flood and Water Engineers and Environmental Health Consultants. Our extensive multi-disciplinary list of contacts places us amongst the best industry professionals in the region.

    Planning Appeals FAQs

    Do I need a planning consultant?2021-06-15T15:48:40+01:00

    At Wilkinson Planning, we would always encourage that you seek at least the initial advice of a planning consultant, particularly if getting planning permission for your development is not going to be straightforward. Planning legislation and the channels involved can be highly complicated and specialised, and it is our speciality.

    It is important to bring a planning consultant on board at the start of the development. The planning landscape in the UK is a continually evolving and dynamic landscape of legislation, process, and communication. Incorrect information given at the incorrect time can at least delay projects and developments, costing you time, potentially money, and undue stress.

    What is a statement of common ground?2021-06-15T15:47:08+01:00

    A statement of common ground is a written statement that contains facts about the development proposal that is being appealed, that the appellant has grounds to be considered non-disputed by the LPA. This helps to ensure the appeal focuses only on the material differences between the LPA and the appellant.

    When an appeal is made, the appellant must submit a draft version of the statement of common ground. An agreed (between the appellant and the Local Planning Authority) statement of common ground must be submitted within five weeks of the start date and can be based on the appellant’s initial draft.

    What is a statement of case?2021-06-15T15:46:16+01:00

    A statement of case is the documents that lay out the argument and evidence that you will use in your appeal. This must be done regardless of which appeal route sought, be it written representation, hearing or inquiry. A statement of case helps to paint a picture of your appeal.

    A statement of case form can be downloaded from the government’s website, which gives pointers for what a statement of case should (and should not) include from both the appellant and the LPA. This form can be used to give notice to the LPA that you intend to lodge an appeal.

    How many planning appeals are successful?2021-06-15T15:44:55+01:00

    According to the Planning Inspectorate, the average planning appeal success rate is about one in every three, and this figure has largely remained consistent over time. By ensuring you are confident in your appeal and are able to make your complete case, you can push the odds in your favour.

    This can of course be very difficult without dedicated knowledge, contacts and sheer experience. A planning consultant should have these in abundance, and at Wilkinson Planning we set the bar incredibly high. We are experts in planning appeals and welcome all cases, big or small, with our exceptionally high success rate.

    How long do planning appeals take?2021-06-15T15:44:09+01:00

    Planning appeals to the Planning Inspectorate can take significantly longer to be processed than a simple planning application. The total timeframe can be highly variable, but typically you can expect to be waiting for months. From January 2016 to December 2020, the mean planning appeal waiting time was 26 weeks.

    A planning appeal can be submitted by written representation (the most common way), a hearing (typically for when there is a public interest in your proposed development), and for the most complicated cases, via inquiry. Depending on the nature of your appeal, you may be better compromising with the LPA on some conditions if time is tight.

    Planning permission has been refused, can I appeal the decision?2020-05-17T13:37:29+01:00

    Yes, you can appeal a decision made by a local planning authority on a planning application if you disagree with it or if the application wasn’t determined within eight weeks (for a typical householder development) or 13 weeks for major developments.

    The applicant of any type of planning application is usually entitled to appeal the decision of the local planning authority (LPA). This is usually where an application is refused by the LPA, but there are also other rights of appeal in respect of other matters. Only applicants or their appointed agents can appeal.

    Who grants planning permission?2020-05-17T13:32:38+01:00

    Your local planning authority (LPA) is responsible for considering planning applications. It is important to understand the local planning policy implications which affect your proposal, along with the national planning policy aims set by Government.

    What is planning permission?2020-05-17T13:32:02+01:00

    Planning Permission, in simple terms, is like asking if you can do a certain piece of building work or operation. It will be granted (possibly subject to certain conditions) or refused. Parliament has given the main responsibility for planning to local planning authorities (usually, this is the planning department of your local council). Therefore, if you have any queries about a particular case, the first thing to do is to contact your local planning authority.

    Expert Planning and Development Consultants

    Our expertise in the planning and development profession enables us to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. We cater to the private and public sector, along with private and public individuals. We provide high-quality professional service and advice to clients on all aspects of planning and development affecting their land and property.

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